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  • Dating Scan for increased risk from Maternal Serum Screening Ultrasound scanning guidelines Dating Scan for increased risk from maternal serum screening (MSS) A scan may be requested after maternal serum screening (MSS) indicates an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalitiy (down syndrome, n
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  • Distinguish clinical from physical screening... While the above is a thorough clinical screening protocol, it does not distinguish between the two distinct realms of screening. Clinical screening is intended to identify contraindications to the MR exam (or specific elements thereof) from implants, medical devices, thermoregulation issues, claustrophobia or Gadolinium-based contrast risk factors.

    Physical screening needs to divorce the subject from any loose ferromagnetic material that he / she may be wearing, carrying or be adorned with. This may be completed by asking subjects to empty their pockets, having them change into gowns / scrubs, through the use of ferromagnetic-only screening tools, or a combination of the above.

    Physical screening needs to be comparably thorough to the clinical screening defined above. Whereas specific portions of the clinical screening may be tailored to whether the subject is going to be receiving the MR exam (RF energy issues) or simply going to be inside the MR scanner room (biostimulation device issues), physical screening must be uniform in its application.


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