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Due to the open nature of a wiki there needs to be a strong set of rules and guidelines to facilitate smooth and harmonious running of the website.

1. Philosophy of wikiRadiography
This site was designed to foster education, learning, development and advanced practice specifically for radiographers and sonographers. Alot of time and effort has been spent creating a site that is professional in both appearance and functionality to represent the profession in the best possible light.

The tone of the website is positive and members can feel free to participate in the wiki and ask questions in the discussion forums. The aim is provide a site that is of benefit to both students and qualified radiographers and increases the knowledge in our profession.

2. Posting of Medical Images
Posting of medical images is encouraged as they are an excellent learning tool, however images must be fully de-identified to keep patient confidentiality

This includes removing:
  • Patient name
  • Patient date of birth
  • Patients sex
  • Patient unit record (UR) / Medical record number (MRN)
  • Name of the department where the image was taken
  • Custom markers (ie radiographer initals)
Any images containing the above details will be deleted immediately.

Posting of images should include at minimum a short summary explaining the image or its significance ( to aid in learning)

Formating of images adds to their impact and their ability to convey a message. An excellent tutorial for formating medical images with photoshop has been made and can be found at

3. Absolutely no advertising
This includes:
  • Advertising a competing website.
  • Advertising a product.
  • Advertising a service.
  • Creating a page or thread to do any of the above.
  • Uploading photos advertising your product/service.
  • Using a brand name logo as your avatar image
  • Sending a personal message (PM) to do any of the above.
  • Joining with your sales pitch, company name or product name as your username and doing any of the above.
  • Posting a link to the product or services web page.
  • Advertising in a language other than English.
If you post any of the above, your content will be deleted and depending on the severity, you may be banned. There is no tolerance in this matter.

4. No flaming
This includes:
  • Starting a thread to spark a dispute.
  • Joining a thread and harassing other members by using:
  • Profanity (This also includes posting profanity in another language)
  • Racial slurs
  • Insults
  • Mocking
  • Disrespectful comments

5. No irrelevant posts and/or pages.
This includes:
  1. Posting a thread with
    1. Gibberish
    2. Small Talk
    3. Randomness
    4. Profanity
    5. Advertisements (See rule 3)
    6. Anything irrelevant to the functions, features or materials of wikiRadiography and/or the page they were posted on.
  2. Creating a page and:
    1. Leaving it blank
    2. Posting irrelevant and/or personal material such as family photos, homework...etc
    3. Posting explicit photos and/or language.
    4. Posting Spam or Advertisements (See rule 3)
  3. Creating a page from a thread.
  4. Replying to a thread and forcing it to go off topic by posting anything irrelevant to the original topic of the post and/or to anything relating to wikiRadiography, it's material, features or functions.

6. No posting irrelevant photos and/or videos to the Photo gallery and/or Video galleries.
This includes:
  • Posting personal pictures such as:
    • Family photos.
    • Self-Portraits
    • Personal photos of a fellow member without their permission. (Possible banishment)
    • Any photos not relevant to any wikiRadiography material, features or functions.
  • Posting personal videos such as:
    • Funny videos.
    • Pornography. (you will be instantly banned with no warning)
    • Profanity.
    • Home videos.
    • Any videos posted in an attempt to flame another member.
    • Any videos not relevant to wikiRadiography material, features or functions.
  • Creating an album and/or collection to do any of the above.

7. No Vandalism
Some pages are locked on wikiRadiography for administration reasons eg the main home page

Those pages that are unlocked users must not

  • Delete information from an unlocked page and/or replacing it with irrelevant or inappropriate material.
  • Adding irrelevant or inappropriate material to an unlocked page

  • Deletion of threads and/or pages.
  • PM warning to offender. If the warning is ignored or disregarded, then you will be banned.

8. Language
The language of wikiRadiography is English

Threads, pages, profiles that are are not in English will be deleted

If you do not understand English, you can translate using this link: <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

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