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Radiographic Positioning

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Name of projection Skull - PA (Haas)
Area Covered Occipital bone, petrous ridges and foramen magnum with dorsum sellae and posterior clinoids visualised in the shadow of the foramen magnum
Pathology shown Fractures of the skull
Radiographic AnatomySkull Radiographic Anatomy
IR Size & Orientation 24 x 30 cm
Film / Screen Combination Regular
(CR and DR as recommended by manufacturer)
Bucky / Grid Moving or Stationary Grid
Exposure 75 kVp
20 mAs
FFD / SID 100 cm
Central Ray CR angled 25° cephalad to OML
Collimation Outer skin margins of the skull
Markers Inferior and Lateral
Marker orientation PA
Shielding Gonadal (check your department's policy guidelines)
  • Patient is standing or sitting facing the upright bucky
  • Forehead and nose are touching the bucky
  • Flex neck, bringing OML perpendicular to IR
  • Align midsaggital plane perpendicular to the midline of bucky
  • Ensure there is no rotation or tilt of the head
  • CR angled 25° cephalad to OML
  • Patient in the prone position on the X-ray table
  • Rest patients nose and forehead against table/bucky
  • Flex neck aligning OML perpendicular to IR
  • Align midsagittal plane perpendicular to midline of table/bucky
  • Ensure there is no rotation or tilt of the head
  • CR angled 25° cephalad to OML

Area Covered
Special Notes

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