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Radiographic Positioning

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Name of projection Scapula - Lateral
Area Covered Entire scapula visualised in lateral position
Pathology shown Fractures and or dislocations of proximal humerus and scapula. The humeral head will be inferior to the coracoid process with anterior dislocation, and with posterior dislocation the humeral head will be inferior to the acromion process
Radiographic Anatomy Shoulder Radiographic Anatomy
IR Size & Orientation 24 X 30 cm
Film / Screen Combination Regular
(CR and DR as recommended by manufacturer)
Bucky / Grid Moving or stationary grid
Filter No
Exposure 70 kVp
20 mAs
FFD / SID 100cm
Central Ray To midvertebral border of scapula
Perpendicular to IR
Collimation Collimate to area of scapula
Markers Place marker in the upper right / left corner of the exposed field
Marker orientation is PA
Shielding Gonadal (check your department's policy guidelines)
Respiration Suspend respiration
Positioning Erect
  • Position patient erect and facing towards the upright bucky
  • Rotate into an anterior oblique position. Average patient will be in a 45° to 60° anterior oblique position. Palpate the scapula borders to determin the correct rotation for a true lateral
  • Abduct arm slightly to not superimpose humerus over ribs
  • CR directed to the scapulohumeral joint (5 - 6cm) below top of shoulder

Area Covered
Special Notes