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Radiographic Positioning

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Name of projection Nasal Bone - Occipito Mental (OM)
Area Covered Infraorbital rim, maxillae, zygomatic bones and arch, nasal septum, anterior nasal spine
Pathology shown Fractures (blowout, tripod, leforte) , foreign bodies, fluid levels in sinus (if performed erect), neoplastic processes
Radiographic Anatomy Nasal Bone Radiographic Anatomy
IR Size & Orientation 24 x 30cm
Film / Screen Combination Regular
(CR and DR as recommended by manufacturer)
Bucky / Grid Moving or Stationary Grid
Filter No
Exposure 75 kVp
20 mAs
FFD / SID 100cm
Central Ray CR perpendicular to IR
CR to centre of IR
CR exits at acanthion
Collimation Collimate closely to outer margins of the skull
Markers Inferior and Lateral
Marker orientation PA
Shielding Gonadal (check your department's policy guidelines)
Respiration Suspend
  • The patient should be seated, facing the upright bucky.
  • The median sagital plane should be perpendicular to the cassette, this is done by checking the external audiatory meatuses and the outer canthi of the eyes.
  • The patients mentum of the chin should be touching the upright bucky and sufficiently raised to bring the orbito-meatal baseline or radiographic baseline 45° from horizontal. Clearing the maxillary sinuses of the petrous ridge.
  • CR perpendicular to IR
  • CR to centre of IR
  • CR exits at acanthion

Area Covered
Special Notes