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Gross Anatomy - Joints of the Pelvis

A. Lumbosacral joint
  • Is the joint between vertebra L5 and the base of the sacrum, joined by an intervertebral disk and supported by the iliolumbar ligaments.
B. Sacroiliac joint
  • Is a synovial joint of an irregular plane type between the articular surfaces of the sacrum and ilium.
  • Is covered by cartilage and is supported by the anterior, posterior, and interosseous sacroiliac ligaments.
  • Transmits the weight of the body to the hip bone.
C. Sacrococcygeal joint
  • Is a cartilaginous joint between the sacrum and coccyx, reinforced by the anterior, posterior, and lateral sacrococcygeal ligaments.
D. Pubic symphysis
  • Is a cartilaginous or fibrocartilaginous joint between the pubic bones in the median plane.

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