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One of the most commonly used phrases in radiography is "Breathe in and hold your breath" followed by "Breathe away". The breath-hold technique is used to minimise movement unsharpness or to inflate the lungs completely with air. With thousands of languages in the world (Papua New Guinea has over 700), it is not uncommon to find yourself with a patient who does not speak your language.

Lets develop this page with the phrase "Breathe in and hold your breath" in as many languages as possible!

Language The Written Word Phonetic Translation Audio File
  • "Breathe in and hold your breath"
  • "Breathe away"
Breathe in and hold your breath
Breathe away

  • "Respirare e tenere il fiato"
  • "Respirare lontano"

  • “Пάρται την ανάπνοι και κράτατην”
  • “Συνεχίστε ανάσα”

  • "Einatmen und Luft anhalten."
  • "Ausatmen."

  • "Respire profundamente y mantenga la respiración" o "Inspire"
  • "Espire" o "Expulse el aire"

  • "Respirez et retenez votre souffle"
  • "Respirez l'écart"

  • خذ نفَسَاً وأوقف تنفسك
  • أخرج نفَسَك

  • "Respire e mantenha na sua respiração"
  • "Respire afastado"

  • "Inademen en vasthouden"
  • "Doorademen"

Papua New Guinea

  • Pulin Win
  • Pasin Win
pull en win
pass in win


  • Fruta hewa alafu ushike hapo
  • Poa hewa


  • Vdihnite
  • Izdihnite

vdee hnee teh
izdee hnee teh

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay)

  • Tarik nafas , Tahan!
  • Nafas Biasa


  • Sook Hey - Tahan!
  • Mow Tau Hey


  • Mooche Elange - Tahan
  • Mooche Udunge

  • Вдохните, не дышите.
  • Дышите спокойно.

Vdoh-nee-te, ne dy-shee-te

Dy-shee-te spo-koi-no

(Sri Lanka)
  • "Husma Ihalata aran nawathaganna"
  • "Husma pitakaranna."

"Husma Ihalata aran nawathaganna".
"Husma pitakaranna."


  • Поеми дълбоко въздух и задръж Poemi dalboko vazduh i zadrash

Hindi (Fiji)
  • Lamba sas andar "ghicho aur roko"
  • Baraabar sas lo

Ethiopian .Tinfashiwon yazu
. Yetenfisu

Portuguese "Inspire" ou "Encha o peito de ar"
"Expire" ou "Respire fundo e deite o ar todo fora"

Welsh Anadlwch i mewn a dal eich anadl Phonetically: ("Ahnahdlw/x/ ee mehoon, aah dàl ei/x/ ahnadull")

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