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Radiographic Positioning

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Name of projection Hip - AP
Area Covered Hip and surrounding pelvis
Pathology shownFractures, bone lesions, dislocation, arthritis
Radiographic AnatomyHip Radiographic AnatomyThis is a featured page
IR Size & Orientation 24x 30 cm
Film / Screen Combination Regular
(CR and DR as recommended by manufacturer)
Bucky / Grid Moving or Stationary Grid
FilterDecubitus filter may be used for film
Not required with CR / DR
Exposure 70 kVp
20 mAs
FFD / SID 100cm
Central Ray CR to a mid point between syphysis pubis and ASIS over head of femur
Collimation Collimate to four sides of interest
Markers Distal and Lateral
Marker orientation AP
Shielding Gonadal (check your department's policy guidelines)
  • Patient supine on the table, arms at side or across upper chest
  • Cushion for patients head
  • Internally rotate foot and leg 15° to 20° (do not attempt to internally rotate if fracture or dislocation suspected), sandbags may be used to maintain this position
  • CR to a mid point between syphysis pubis and ASIS over head of femur

Area Covered
Special Notes

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