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Radiographic Positioning

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Name of projection Chest - Lordotic
Area Covered Entire lung fields, posterior ribs, clavicles
Pathology shown Rule out calcifications and masses behind the clavicles
Radiographic Anatomy Chest Radiographic Anatomy
IR Size & Orientation 35 x 43 cm
Film / Screen Combination Regular
(CR and DR as recommended by manufacturer)
Bucky / Grid Moving or Stationary Grid
Filter No
Exposure 100 kVp
4 mAs
FFD / SID 180 cm
Central Ray CR perpendicular to IR
CR centred to mid sternum (approximately 9cm below sternal notch)
Collimation Centre: To the midsagittal plane, to T7
Shutter A: Open to 5 cm above the shoulders
Shutter B:Open to the level of the acromioclavicular joints (AC joints) laterally. This will include the lung fields laterally.
Markers Superior and Lateral
Marker orientation AP
Shielding Gonadal
(check your department's policy guidelines)
Respiration On suspended deep inspiration
  • The patient may be standing or sitting with their back to the upright bucky
  • Their back should be 30 cm away from the bucky
  • Centre the midsaggital plane to the midline of the bucky
  • Have the patient lean back so that their shoulders, neck and head are resting on the bucky
  • Adjust the IR to 8 cm above the shoulders

Area Covered
Special Notes