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Coronary sinus
  • Is the largest vein draining the heart and lies in the coronary sulcus , which separates the atria from the ventricles.
  • Opens into the right atrium between the opening of the IVC and the AV opening.
  • Has a one-cusp valve at the right margin of its aperture.
  • Receives the great, middle, and small cardiac veins; the oblique vein of the left atrium; and the posterior vein of the left ventricle.
Great cardiac vein
  • Begins at the apex of the heart and ascends along with the IV branch of the left coronary artery.
  • Turns to the left to lie in the coronary sulcus and continues as the coronary sinus.
Middle cardiac vein
  • Begins at the apex of the heart and ascends in the posterior IV groove , accompanying the posterior IV branch of the right coronary artery.
  • Drains into the right end of the coronary sinus.
Small cardiac vein
  • Runs along the right margin of the heart in company with the marginal artery and then posteriorly in the coronary sulcus to end in the right end of the coronary sinus.
Oblique vein of the left atrium
  • Descends to empty into the coronary sinus, near its left end.
Anterior cardiac vein
  • Drains the anterior right ventricle, crosses the coronary groove, and ends directly in the right atrium.
Smallest cardiac veins (venae cordis minimae)
  • Begin in the wall of the heart and empty directly into its chambers.

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