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When one first thinks Contrast Media, it's very easy to jump straight to Intravenous Iodinated Contrast. After all, around 80% of CT scans require this in order to visualise abnormal blood-flow, tumour presences and changes to organ structures. However, the scope of modern CT imaging now stretches far and wide. Consider the use of air, which enables us to visualise polyps and other abnormalities in the large colon. What about the use of other mediums such as Gastrograffin in rectal contrast, or even the use of Iodinated contrast in non-intravenous circumstances, such as tracking a leak in the abdominal cavity? It is the intention that this article will expand how you think about contrast and its applications. And for those who've previously avoided this subject because they pegged it as a messy issue, well maybe it's time to rethink the benefits of CT Contrast Media. With that in mind, let's embark on an adventure into contrast.

Intravenous Contrast
Oral Contrast
Rectal Contrast
Other applications